Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March 18, 2008 Still trying

It's been a full day, but I'm not yet ready to call it a day. I managed to get about four hours of sleep after a productive night work session. Went to the workout room for a 30 minute treadmill walk/read. Came back to my room and was met with a doorway full of birthday surprises---Flowers, card, candy, fun trinkets and hand-knitted socks!!! This group is the greatest!!! Of course that made me want to just kick back and do nothing--but only for a minute. I showered and made it back for breakfast (of course!) It's been a comfortable but cloudy day, so it's just as well to be working inside. We all have pretty much made our own agendas today, everyone working at her own comfort level. More webcam purchasers has made for more Skype calls today!!

I've taken some more time with Will Richardson's page
http://willrichardson.wikispaces.com/ and decided I could stay completely occupied the rest of my time with all he had available. He has some thought provoking points listed under "Challenging Times for Eductors". The statement that touched me was a quote "We are entering a time of deeply personalized, passion based learning." (John Seeley Brown) I am beginning to really feel some of that. Up until now I believe that I've been enchanted with all that recent technologies have offered up. But I personally was viewing them with skepticism...and maybe trepidation. They seemed to be just more responsibility to assume. As I am here with the luxury of time to spend exploring these "new-to-me" concepts and am able to read more of the opinions of experts who are using all these tools and skills, I am feeling more inspired to think of all the possibilities that we have to offer to teachers and students.

I've also become convinced that there is a whole new language that goes along with each one of the Web 2.0 resources. I thought education was the king in the acronym department. Web 2.0 rivals us and incorporates lingo that makes me feel absolutely ancient----and that was before I became that year older today! I did want to remind (myself primarily) about a link from Richardson's site that awed several of us.
Wiis as SmartBoards....and yes, I actually do know what a Wii is!!!! What a concept....and a money saver for schools .....if you could really get your hands on that Wii.

Other sites I spent some time with:
Twitter, Pageflakes, Scuttle, Second Life, Meosphere. Some of these are a duplication of concepts here. I'll probably go back and review these a bit more to see if they wouldn't suit my purposes better than the Google bookmarks or del.icio.us. That's all for now.

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